SOIL is the culmination of our efforts to develop a base methodology for creating solutions to complex problems. The problem statement included producing a repeatable, efficient process for producing Real Solutions for our clients with Real Problems.

Ideation Framework

SOIL is a process that nurtures creative ideas with a full range of resources
for the healthy growth and efficient development of new solutions.

Critical Success Criteria included:

  • Identifying, documenting, and communicating elements of inefficiency which degrade the effectiveness of business process and production
  • Ensure a clear understanding of such elements
  • Identify and utilize qualified thought leaders in all elements of the problem to validate a clear understanding of all components
  • Identify and match all elements of inefficiency with functional solutions
  • Ensure the validity of the Problem-Solution match by gaining concurrence from qualified thought leaders in all elements of the solution
  • Apply proven principles of solution development and implementation in all investments for achieving completion and delivery of the optimal solution to the business focus

In 2013, Offspring Solutions applied our lessons learned in the creation and introduction of a framework for pursuing better solutions in the most efficient manner possible. With discipline, repeatability, and continuous improvement as well as a commitment to creating an environment conducive to collaboration and maximizing on existing resources we created the SOIL. In SOIL, thought leaders can plant the seeds of their creative energy. SOIL is a process that nurtures these seeds with proper attention and nutrients of a sophisticated ideation framework conducive to the healthy growth and efficient development of new solutions.

The application of SOIL allows us to test many ideas at once and turn the best of them into products, services, and solutions for our current and prospective partners and customers. As a partner, we give your ideas safe harbor while assisting in the comprehensive evaluation of all intellectual property. This co-creative relationship is fostered by Discipline, Support, Stretch, and Trust with the goal of manifesting joint creativity.

In addition to capital, SOIL provides a full range of resources to infuse solution development with the support it needs to rapidly introduce innovative products and services.