Why SOIL? Because we believe there is a plethora of knowledge and brilliance to be harvested by those that are intensely focused on applying rigorous processes, specialized resources, and unrelenting discipline in the constant pursuit of the Better.

SOIL is the culmination of over 11 years of supporting our clients in the pursuit of Real Solutions to Real Problems. We recognized a need for effective problem solving and solution delivery methods and the ability to deliver them to those who could best benefit, so we BUILT one.

At logo-green we automate the solution, not the problem.

Participants can benefit from knowledgeable, thoughtful innovators talking to problem-owners without the pressure of making a sale. Is that an atypical concept? Absolutely. Vendors frequently await the definition of problems by potential clients and respond by providing sub-optimized products and incomplete solutions. SOIL’s leadership believes that better solutions are just waiting to be created by innovators willing to take the lead and explore thoughtful solutions

We’ve created an environment conducive to discovering and defining Real Problems through definition, validation, and communication in advance of the clients/business lines making major investments prematurely. This transfers the early investment and risk to the innovators investing in solutions while reducing the risk of those with the business problems. We socialize before we commercialize through our process of mobilizing those knowledgeable and capable of helping with true problems.

This enables us to exhibit:

Our complete and uncommon understanding of the Real Problem

Our methodical approach to the development of the optimum solution

Pathways to REAL Solutions in the most efficient and effective manner for all concerned

Every solution emanating from SOIL exemplifies an uncommon understanding of the Real Problem and the Real Solution. Our technical approach is derived through the unique application of proven innovation, management and technical concepts and frameworks including, but not limited to: CMMI, ISO, Design Thinking, and PMBOK.

The problems we focus on are most frequently:

  • Vexing
  • Complex
  • Resource-Intensive with a significant impact on the effectiveness of the client in meeting their mission

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